STRKNG | Inhalte nur für Sponsoren / For sponsors only

STRKNG | Inhalte nur für Sponsoren /  For sponsors only - Blog-Beitrag von  STRKNG / 2020-12-01 10:39

VIP-Mitglieder mit einem aktiven Portfolio können ab sofort kostenpflichtige Inhalte "Nur für Sponsoren" erstellen.

Wird ein Inhalt oder eine Inhaltsstufe von dir im Abonnoment gebucht, bekommst du die Beiträge nach Abzug der Gebühren für den Zahlungsdienstleister und unserer Provision ausgeschüttet.

Beiträge die du mit dem Sponsor-Level "0" einstellst, können von allen STRKNG VIP-Mitgliedern betrachtet werden. (Redaktionelle Freigabe erforderlich.)

Hierfür erhältst du keine Ausschüttung, aber du hilfst unserem Projekt im allgemeinen und machst gleichzeitig Werbung für deine kostenpflichtigen Inhalte. Beispiel:

Der Service ist aktuell noch Beta und das Thema sehr komplex.

Wir freuen uns über mutige Initiatoren und Tester und sind gespannt auf eure Inhalte und Rückmeldungen!

VIP members with an active portfolio can create paid content For sponsors only.

If somebody subscribe to an exclusive content by you, you will receive the contributions after deducting the fees for the payment service provider and our commission.

Contributions that you set with the sponsor level "0" can be viewed by all STRKNG VIP members. (Editorial approval required.)

You will not receive any distribution for this, but you are helping our project in general and at the same time promoting your paid content. Example:

The service is currently still in beta and the topic is very complex.

We look forward to courageous initiators and testers and we look forward to your content and feedback!

cool room

cool room - Blog-Beitrag von Photographer Andreas Puhl / 2020-11-30 21:19

Photo shoot in the bedroom of the model’s apartment. As always when I take pictures in color, I change the colors until the mood is right. At the time of the shoot, I preferred a cool look. At the moment I prefer warm tones that are yellowish.


Allucinations - Blog-Beitrag von Photographer Alice Dicembrino / 2020-11-30 14:51

These photographs created in 2019 give off my enthusiasm, but the content is unclear: my attempt to interpret certain psychological interiorities was not based on sufficiently in-depth research; I followed instinct and experimentation.

it is the spontaneous representation of my existential worries that come from my deep sense of insecurity that manifest themselves in moments of solitude. I imagine this state of mind as a female figure who stares at me with a hard and judgmental gaze, showing herself confident and evil, exactly as I would so much like to be when I imagine everyday scenes that never existed in my life.

Five Times Miya Sato

Five Times Miya Sato - Blog-Beitrag von Photographer Keith Brighouse / 2020-11-30 11:14

I have worked with Japanese model Miya Sato quite a few times over the years on various photo and video projects. It was when I was showing her one of the photographs I had printed up of her for an exhibition, I got the brainwave that resulted in the series of photos in this blog. Every time we subsequently worked together, I took another photo of her holding a photo. This series was taken over a two year period and of course the series is potentially endless this side of the grave. However, life moves on and so did Miya, she found a partner and moved away and started a family. She has said that should she visit The Netherlands she would pose again to extend the series. I keep my fingers crossed.