The Drink

The Drink - Blog-Beitrag von Model Sophie / 21.04.2024 20:31

Tara asks me, to attend her, for a charity gala in some bigger German city, because Tara's NGO was nominated for a civil society price and get two cards for her NGO. – But nobody of her team likes glitter, long dresses and make-up, so for sure, she asks me. And double-sure, I say yes, because, we will get a make-up from some professional MUAs before the show.

I'm so simple structured and easy to catch. So, if you need to convince me for something in the future, prepare a red carpet and book a MUAs. Afterwards I will do anything. 😅

The show is funny. The idea behind the price is primarily the empowering of charity projects, who are driven by women. – But you don't have to win a Nobel prize in economics to understand, that 80% of the nominated and introduced projects are driven by some housewives with some rich money-earning husbands. – So yes, let's celebrate the autonomy of females. I love it.

We're leaving the show quite quickly. Tara's NGO didn't win anything. Sure, she doesn’t have a rich husband, and we're looking like lesbians, who have read too much feministic literature.

We start to walk around the harbour, breathing stormy cold air, start freezing and shamble back on our high heels to the hotel, to decide for a private party at the bar. Laughing, talking, enjoying this crazy world, with all these important evenings, to fill up the empty gaps in our exitances.

Half an hour later, the bar-keeper come over and set two new drinks on our table.

From the Mister right over there. – He turns his head to a male, who smiles on us.

Thank you, we whisper and cheering well-behaved the drinks into the direction of the stranger.

Five minutes later the strange take a seat at our table and introducing himself. We start a little chit-chat, but Jens is not a lonely sales man only, he's also quite horny, and his eyes and interest is focusing me.

Wow, this is new for me. The first invitation for a drink from a stranger. Crazy. Unfortunately, I’m not interested. Sex with strangers is a no-go. I need some time to explain my body, my mind, reading together in my manual first, until we understand the basics. – But yes, it’s my first invitation as a woman. My first drink as Sophie. But, 100ms are enough to understand, that he isn't rich, humorous and unmarried. So, I decided to be honest, instead of playing.

Jens, thank you for the drinks. But to be honest: Nothing will happen between you and me today. No kissing. No sex. Nothing. I'm not interested to fuck with you. We can have a little talk, but nothing else. Are you okay with that?

Tara looks on me, with her mouth open for two seconds, until Jens speaks on.

What a shame. You are so randy. Really. You make me really horny.

Thank you, Jens, that's nice. But no, means no.

Jens looks through his wet alcoholic eyes on me.

No fuck?

No fuck!, I answer.

Not even a little fuck?

Not even a little fuck Jens.

He shrugs the shoulders, and left. Tara opens her handbag to look for her countenance.

Sophie, you're so straight. I would have talked to these guys for an hour, because he paid the drink.

Was I to rough? Or unfair? – I never get invited to a drink from a stranger before. I mean, it was a compliment. A really compliment. And I rejected him. Maybe I was too rough?

We're leaving for our room. Attending the elevator, I look on myself in the mirror. Everything changed with my coming-out, with my life as Sophie. – And I still need to developing my female dating capabilities.


EXHIBITION OF A NEW PHOTO SERIES ​ - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf JORG BECKER / 21.04.2024 10:42

Like everywhere else in the world, it rained a lot on the tip of the Medoc Peninsula in the winter of 2023/2024. There were no storms or catastrophes, but the landscape was completely flooded and the wintry nature suddenly had its charm.

Since nature had no colors, I took a series of high-contrast black and white photos.

The Médoc is a triangular-shaped peninsula in the Gironde department in southwest France, which lies between the Atlantic coast (Côte d'Argent) on the Biscay, the Gironde estuary and the Arcachon sea basin.

The tip of the Medoc is the triangular part of the country between the Gironde, the Gironde estuary and the ocean.

The sparsely populated Medoc Peak is characterized by a balanced microclimate. The unique nature between the Gironde estuary and the long sandy beaches of the Ocean is a true paradise for many bird species that are no longer found anywhere else.

But many horses can also be found here. It is not for nothing that part of it is called the “Camargue” of the Medoc

You are invited to view this photo series.

I look forward to your comments.

Have fun…



Being there. The sights, sounds, smells remain yet are not clear. They are imprinted in the mind as a moment and a memory.

Studies in the area of cognitive studies show that the mind categorises time in 3 different ways; from 0-1 seconds is an instant in time, from 2-3 seconds is a moment and a compilation of moments creates a memory. Photography is unique in the way that it freezes time, or instants, which our mind is unable to do. The aim of the this project is to document our brain’s definition of moments, much like what a painter does with an empty canvas. Moments, being a sum of all our senses, add an extra depth to the photographs.

If photography is a "fossilisation of time" (Hiroshi Sugimoto), then photography can be an imprint of the human psyche and time lost to neural decay.

..just enough..

..just enough.. - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Tempus Fugit Photo / 12.04.2024 16:58

“It's often just enough to be with someone. I don't need to touch them. Not even talk. A feeling passes between you both. You're not alone.”

Marilyn Monroe

It was within these last minutes of our shooting that all pressure fell off like a dry leaf on a windy day in fall. Just music, late afternoon light, a model that was a bit tired from the night before and a photographer who loves taking pictures.

Manual focus gives me a kind of inner peace while framing, even at open aperture..

session with a beautiful muse

session with a beautiful muse - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Nietlisbach / 12.04.2024 16:46

Hey guys! I wanted to tell you about my latest photo shoot. I had the pleasure of working with an absolutely stunning model. She served as my muse for two hours, and together, we created some truly impressive images. We captured everything on roll film, using my beloved Mamiya RB67. The chemistry between us was just right, and Angi truly inspired me. I'm super excited to see how you all like our work!