About growing

About growing - Blog-Beitrag von Model Sophie / 27.07.2023 11:17

Every few years, since transitioning, I opening my door and pushing all friends to the outside.

I can't bear myself.

I can't listen to my thoughts.

And I don't like to hear easy spoken words of sorry from others.

I don't won't to get touched.

If people are not dedicated to touch me, from the bottom of their being.

The worst times, are the most important times together.

So, I'm growing alone.

And when I sit there, with the compliments from the outside, about my beautiful being, my achievements, and the hole shit, I guess it was the right decision.

It was right, because it feels right.

Even if the feeling is pain.

And I'm growing for my own.

Thank you Jasmin for this great place, your time and attention.