Are you happy?

Are you happy? - Blog-Beitrag von Model Sophie / 01.09.2023 12:07

"Are you happy?", Laurana asked me some days ago.

It was late and we had discussed about the possibility, the term and the feeling of happiness for us trans women, since hours.

Because we're getting misgendered at least once a day, and we're irritating people with our voice, getting glimpses to the never fading marks of male hood on our bodies and beings. – And we're facing an abstract refusal of our transness in social media and the newspaper. We're seeing violence against us in the community, and we're hearing prejudices regarding us, from people who don't have a glue about anything (A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G), but an opinion towards gender.

And we're hearing permanently, that children need to be protected from queer people, from wokeness, and we see, that society steels children’s their rights everywhere and nobody complains: The right of education and health! The right of getting protected from violence and (sexual) abuse! And in the end, our children’s will inherit a planet, which is becoming more and more a piece of scrap! Yeah. Protect the children from us.


Filled with handpans.

Lovely handpan sound, from Giolì & Assia, and I said: "This is how angles talking."

And we listened some more moments to the voices of angles.

"How can I say, that I'm happy?"

What is happiness in a world, were I'm paying attention to the intonation of any word, coming through my lips? I'm paying attention to my language and body gestures, to my (male) personal border protection mechanisms and knowledge of male privileges, within all female routines?

How to think about happiness, in a world where I need to maintain thousands of attributes at once, to reach and keep my limited femineity?

Being a female, and don't lose a second of it. Maybe, this is happiness for me. Accepting my limits, coping with them and being me. Being Sophie. And don't lose a single second of it anymore. That's happiness.

„Yes, Laurana. I'm happy.“

Ballerina – Fine Art

Ballerina - Fine Art - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Max Sammet / 14.01.2023 23:13

Meine Auswahl von einem sehr facettenreichen Shooting gemeinsam mit einer professionellen Ballett Tänzerin. Ballett ist ein sehr ausdrucksstarker und ästhetischer Tanzstil – weshalb die Posen in meinen Augen sehr gut einhergehen mit klassischen Aktaufnahme, besonders in Schwarz-Weiss. Denke diese Serie stellt das wunderbar unter Beweis.

Dance is life

Dance is life - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Claudio Naviganti / 22.11.2022 20:18

Dance is discipline, work, teaching, communication. With it we spare words that perhaps others would not understand and we establish a universal language, familiar to all. It gives us pleasure, makes us free and comforts us from the impossibility that we humans have of flying like birds, it brings us closer to heaven, to the sacred, to infinity. It is a sublime art, always different, similar to making love, which at the end of each performance leaves our heart beating fast, hoping for the next time.

(Julio Mouth)