Stille Eindrücke Mallorcas

Stille Eindrücke Mallorcas - Blog-Beitrag von Fotografin Janinepatejdl / 09.07.2023 09:48

Mallorca – Hauptinsel der spanischen Balearen im Mittelmeer. Ca. 3.604 km² gross und ca. 915.000 (2020)

Im Zeitraum Januar bis Juni 2023 sind bereit 9,2 Millionen Touristen eingeflogen worden.

Es ist in der Hochsaison tatsächlich gar nicht so einfach die stillen Momente in einer der kleinen Städte einzufangen. Ich habe mir aber die Zeit genommen und hier ein paar Ergebnisse.

Diese wunderschöne Insel ist so viel mehr ….

Tonal Values

Tonal Values - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Volkan Sorkun / 20.01.2023 12:54

"Introducing Tonal Architecture "

As a photographer, I have always been drawn to the beauty and complexity of buildings. The lines, shapes, and textures of a structure can create a stunning composition that is both captivating and thought-provoking. But for me, the true essence of architecture is best captured in black and white.

For me, black and white photography allows me to focus on the structure itself and eliminate any distractions that color can bring. By removing color, the viewer's attention is drawn to the lines, shapes, and textures of the building, making it easier to appreciate its design. In addition, black and white images can also convey a sense of timelessness and history, making them perfect for capturing the grandeur of historic buildings.

I also enjoy the creative freedom that black and white photography provides. With color photography, the color of the building can sometimes clash with the background or surrounding elements, making it difficult to create a pleasing composition. However, with black and white, I can play with contrasts and tonal values to create a more dynamic image.

I have been honing my skills in black and white architecture photography for years and have captured some of the most iconic and beautiful buildings all around the world. From the historic cathedrals of Europe to the modern skyscrapers of Asia, I have captured the essence of each structure and created stunning, timeless images.

I am excited to share my art with you and invite you to take a look at my portfolio on my profile. You will find a collection of my black and white architecture photography that showcases the beauty and elegance of structures from all around the world.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my art and I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as I enjoyed capturing them."


M. - Blog-Beitrag von Fotografin Maria Schäfer Photography / 01.08.2022 19:44

How it all began… a while ago my friend subscribed me to Harper’s Bazar. First I laughed because I really can’t do anything with fashion and glossy magazines. But the magazine was lying around here and at some point I leafed through it after all. I noticed that some of the fashion spreads were photographed brilliantly and I also really liked the way they were edited. The models had character and the photos were really great. Then Maria was here and I heard myself say: I would like to try to photograph an editorial. And Maria said: Let’s do it!

So here ist the result of 60 minutes of haphazard planning and a week of photo editing.

Teilnehmer: Fotografin Noctis_legato

Photographing by the car

Photographing by the car - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Alex Coghe / 05.10.2021 15:15

Last week I traveled north to south along the Mexico City suburb with an uber. With my manual lens I photographed what seemed interesting to me. We were traveling at a speed of over 100 KM per hour. This requires the ability to preview and compose quickly. Not everything is perfect and there is the luck component that becomes a more relevant factor.

Shooting at 1/1000 sec. I make sure I don’t have a blurry photo. I focus on the essential: buildings that seem interesting to me, structures and graphics, the essentials that make me go home with a large number of photographs that show different places that from the point where I am can only be photographed from the camera.

I am thinking of Lee Friedlander and Joel Meyerowitz, two photographers who did an unforgettable work from the car.