Lockdown 2020

Lockdown 2020 - Blog-Beitrag von Fotografin Eliza Loveheart / 30.08.2020 20:41

Lockdown has been for the world over, an unprecendented time of uncertainty and change. From a photographers perspective, we saw landscape, architecture and nature photographers struggle with the fact that they were unable to travel for their art. Street photographers were confined to their homes for the most part, and faced near-empty streets otherwise. Photographers that worked with models unable to meet up and make their magic. As a sideshoot, creativity flourished and many explored alternative methods with huge success, utilising digital resources to facilitate connections and create images over the internet.

Meanwhilst, the self-portrait artists were able to carry on as usual, without these barriers to continuing their practise. Or maybe not. Because these haven’t been usual times. When truly portraying the self, it is impossible not to convey emotions. Mindsets were altered by feelings of isolation, of confinement, of fear and the need for reassurance. This in turn often transpired in the images. This set is one, shot in April this year, that I feel encapsulates these feelings.


The surfers of La Pared

The surfers of La Pared - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Rolf Florschuetz / 30.08.2020 17:57

La Pared in the south of Fuerteventura is a paradise for a lot of surfers. It is one of the wild coasts. There is a special light in the afternoon until to the evening. Surfers, waves, rocks and the backlit inspired me to take photos at this special beach on Fuerteventura Island.