Vote for the Cover of STRKNG Editors’ Selection – #62

Vote for the Cover of STRKNG Editors' Selection - #62 - Blog-Beitrag von  STRKNG / 05.08.2022 11:47

No time to sleep! There is already the next cover waiting.

Let’s go and have a nice weekend!

Please help us to find the next cover image for our issue »STRKNG Editors’ Selection – #62«

1 »Corps« © Photographer

2 »Somewhere« © Carla Gesikiewicz with Stephan Joachim

3 »soulmates« © Photographer Stefan Beutler

4 © Photographer Enrico Olla

5 »RAUSCH« © Photographer RENSEN

6 »Emma« © Photographer Imar

7 »Melancholia 2« © Photographer Kantorka

8 »last summer« © Photographer Roland Mühler

9 »Carpathian« © Atreyu Verne with Nebula Andromeda

Use only one number in the comment.

Only one vote per person. Thank you!

Voting ends Sunday 14th August 23:55h MET

Publication covers so far….

Teilnehmer: Fotograf Atreyu Verne / Model Carla Gesikiewicz / Fotograf Enrico Olla / Fotograf Imar / Fotografin Kantorka / Fotograf / Model Nebula Andromeda / Fotograf RENSEN / Fotograf Roland Mühler / Fotograf Stefan Beutler / Fotograf Stephan Joachim

Tree Fascination

Tree Fascination - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Ben Gunn / 16.04.2022 07:30

To climb an old tree in heels to unite and connect with it in many ways seems to be a fascinating thing. The feeling of rough or smooth surfaces on the naked skin, the wood smell of strong branches and juicy leaves, and of course, the light. The green filtered, leave shadowed, sun rayed, ever changing light inside a tree crown is truely one of the most fascinating impressions for photo creators. Silhouette shadow printing on nakes skin forms entirely new shapes of body and face, framing branches line up with soft skin and high perspectives stretching figures into edless dimensions of beauty. No wonder so many models are feeling the need to climb a tree, it amplifies all the beauty and grace.

Save the environment, protect the woods!