Sílvia by Numbers

Sílvia by Numbers - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Joe Hogan / 29.09.2022 18:22

A marathon session a few years ago…. shot in a parking lot in sweltering heat: 15 numbers, same model, three photos per number. Clockwork management , five hours, laughing and smiling all the way. Fabulous team!

not my reality

not my reality - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Andreas Puhl / 23.09.2022 22:55

time for color again

the third picture of this row was the first that took my eye. because it's different to my usual pictures straight from the side, and witout looking. after that, I selected the first of the row, also different, with the look to the floor. after choosing these two images for this blog, I found the middle image to be the perfect complement to the other two images.

(marianne faithful/broken english)