Tuscan morning.

Tuscan morning. - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf auqanaj / 30.04.2022 17:15

Casale Marittimo, Tuscany, April 2022.

After a nice evening stroll I had found just the right place to take in the feeling of the Tuscan countryside.

In the (not so early) morning I went there again and found out that I had chosen just the right day for some nice landscape shots. A good start for another beautiful day in Tuscany.

I hope the images convey some of the magic of the scene.

This densely populated and intensively cultivated area truly is a blessed piece of land.

true to life

true to life - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Andreas Puhl / 30.04.2022 09:26

First attempt to shoot real life situations. It’s not easy for a model to act as if she’s acting natural. Most of the time it looks like ‚posing natural‘. But in this case I think Mia did a good job. Checking her smartphone is something every model is frequently doing, so this looks really ‚true to life‘.

What you see on the window sill but may not recognize: sugar, lighter, cigarettes, teacup, sunglasses, chain, bondage rope, bose soundlink mini, lens cap, spoon, coffee mug, iPad.

Editors’ Selection – #60

Editors' Selection - #60 - Blog-Beitrag von  STRKNG / 29.04.2022 11:24

100 striking images · 2021-03-04 – 2021-04-07

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