Stigma - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf DEWFRAME / 30.09.2019 00:38

The sign of the prophet is "stratification" of personality. Designation request. Social transforming. The desire to hear human next to you is canceled. For the sake of reproach. This is a value scale in a stopped personality development. It starts when you take beyond the exceptions any absent norm and raise to an idea status. But, you see, it is impossible turn everyday culture into a prophecy. So we already have a stigmatized code of simple life. Do you note how changes a way greeting others? How we explaining the keeping distance? Yes, any critique will keep a distance. So no diversity. This is a fake sustainability. It is only a step from the statics to the crash. But all prophets talking about steadfast trust. It will be overthrown, it’s obvious.

No one daunted by the practical difficulties in the way. Before the cult you know there is no dynamic equilibrium in established traditions. Everyone performs a function. Stigmatization is only a reaction. By asking questions.

It is not the symbol that matters, but that deep process when you are ready to stop paying attention to it. You can find many reasons for increasing the sphere of influence, but only one for negation. Personality. Further.

Ok, the moment now is not the implicit. Someone has own reasons to follow the principle of stigma up to this point. But also calls for a final. Circle of the lost chance to hold off.


Entdecke - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Patrick Vantroyen / 27.09.2019 21:25

Entdecke wer du selbst bist. Einer der schwierigsten Aufgaben im Leben – zu erkennen wer man selbst ist. Abzulegen, wogegen man sich wert sein zu müssen. Abzulegen, der Gedanken, die dich fesseln, weil sie dich Gedanken der Fesseln sind.

Losgelöst davon entdeckst du die Freiheit, eine Person zu werden, die du seit Anbeginn der Zeit sein darfst und endlich wirst.

Die Vergangenheit loslösend durchschreiten damit du in der Gegenwart eine Zukunft deiner Bestimmung erlebst.