Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Paul Neugebauer / 28.11.2019 13:24

Abseits des Stadtkerns hat London noch viel mehr zu bieten, zum Beispiel die Gegend um Canary Wharf. Sie besticht durch klare, moderne Architektur. Aus manchen Betrachtungswinkeln wirkt sie gar einer Utopie entsprungen.

Wie in allen Städten gilt auch in oder gerade in London, dass es abseits der Touristenattraktionen noch so manche Perle gibt. Diese lassen sich auch deutlich mehr genießen und natürlich auch fotografieren, da sie nicht so überlaufen sind.


THE DREAMS BEHIND - Blog-Beitrag von Model Lysann / 26.11.2019 12:02

Images taken by: Henri Senders

On Instagram:

His Website:

In Henri’s current exhibition "Reflection on Life", represented by Gallery Hans Persoon, also some of our common photos are shown – among many others of Henri’s beautiful work. If you have the chance to visit – safe the date, it will be very worth visiting!

Dates: 19/11/2019 – 11/01/2020 with a Lecture given by Henri at Dec 7th, 2019 and a Meet&Greet at Dec 8th, 2019

Location: Gallery Hans Persoon, Eersel, The Netherlands. More information on:

Silencing the Noise

Silencing the Noise - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Jörg Oestreich / 23.11.2019 22:41

I have been lost for so long; as if I took a wrong turn somewhere along the way. No words can describe the loneliness I feel, as I look around; yet somehow it becomes a cure, silencing the noise, calming the waves, quietly luring me to a place where I become numb but strangely at peace. A dangerously soothing place. However, deep down I long for nothing more than to be free, burning with passion for what I love. – Vici Edwards