Street Photography and being there

Street Photography and being there - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Alex Coghe / 25.10.2021 17:45

This year I pushed my limits. Especially in the places where I go to photograph.

A different awareness of the city and how I live it contributes. My cameras are anonymous and not flashy. My approach is careful and respectful. I am not crazy and I know where I enter, in what context, what generates the sight of someone who sees himself as a foreigner even if set. My way of walking is that of a chilango, that is, of an inhabitant of Mexico City.

For twelve years here and doing my street photography every day. Although seeing the images someone doesn’t recognize certain environments as dangerous I can assure you that not everyone can afford to go where I go. So why I go in certain, tough places? It is because certain places are able to give me what I am looking for: a raw and real portrait of the Mexican culture.

I believe that Street Photography can’t be something made only where tourists go.

This is my profession and my mission.