Vote for the Cover of STRKNG Editors’ Selection – #59

Vote for the Cover of STRKNG Editors' Selection - #59 - Blog-Beitrag von  STRKNG / 31.01.2022 14:58

Please help us to find the next cover image for our issue »STRKNG Editors’ Selection – #59«

01 »Motherhood« © Photographer SvetlanaMelikNubarova

02 »Black Milk« © Photographer Marta Glińska

03 »aguja perdida« © Photographer Alberto Monteraz

04 »Laetitia« © Photographer Ghilain Vermeersch

05 »Fateme« © Photographer Hamidreza Sheikhmorteza

06 Selfportrait« © Photographer Polina Soyref

07 © Photographer Vincent Gauthier

08 »Deconstructed coastline« © Photographer Toon van Daalen

09 »Lorca in a Painting Art« © Photographer Peyman Naderi

Use only one number in the comment.

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Voting ends Wednesday 9th February 23:55h MET

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January 2022: Chasing the low sun and long shadows

January 2022: Chasing the low sun and long shadows - Blog-Beitrag von Fotografin Deborah Swain / 30.01.2022 19:22

Days of winter.

The weather in Rome is often good in January. Limpid azure skies, a low sun and long shadows make for a light that is unique to this time of year. The start of 2022 didn’t disappoint in this respect.

Right at the start of the new year I made a kind of resolution that in 2022 I would post fewer images on social media, step off the treadmill of feeding the beast, and instead focus on choosing a handful of my best shots at the end of each month. This does rather fly in the opposite direction of the trending 365 project, and the pressure to post something every day, but that’s fine by me.

For this blog in particular I set myself the task of choosing just two favourite shots this month that evoke January in Rome for me. Happy New Year!

with cigarette

with cigarette - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf LICHTundNICHT / 30.01.2022 11:04

from my shooting with valeria. First time I shot a model smoking. First time in my life (!) that I bought cigarettes. There are so many left, anyone wants to do another nude shooting dressed only with a smoking cigarette?

The last 2 months on the street

The last 2 months on the street - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Alex Coghe / 26.01.2022 14:41

In the last 2 months I photographed on the street using an old DSLR, released in 2011, the Canon RebelT3/1100D.

Someone thought and even said that my choice was crazy and that good cameras are at least from 2017 onwards. I believe that the work I am proposing and which is also appreciated here on stkrng is the best answer. I am also convinced that the message conveyed by this choice of mine can be an example for many photographers who are starting out. There is really no need to have a recently released camera.

If a professional can work well with a 10-year-old camera then the whole marketing structure that revolves around cameras falls apart.

Those who know me know that I have been an ambassador for a camera brand in the past. Today I am an ambassador of photography, of what is important, much more than relying on the latest generation cameras, on vision, ideas and skills.

Halde Prosper Haniel

Halde Prosper Haniel - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf MGörgens / 25.01.2022 13:09

Die Location mit ihrer sonderbaren, mondgleichen Atmosphäre ist inzwischen vielfach für Fotoserien bemüht worden. Inspiriert durch den Film "Pina" von Wim Wenders, wollte ich dort ein kleines Tanztheater inszenieren und fand mit Geraldine Rosteius die perfekte Persönlichkeit für diese Fotoserie.