Dokumentation: - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Alexander Platz / 26.01.2023 17:24

"Auf der Suche nach Licht – Alexander Platz"

In meinem heutigen Beitrag möchte ich euch auf die Zusammenarbeit mit der Berliner Regisseurin Lara Wilde aufmerksam machen.

In ihrer vielfältigen Arbeit als Künstlerin, Regisseurin, Fotografin und STRKNG Kollegin LARA WILDE hat sie in einer Kurzdokumentation meine Biografie und Arbeit als "Art Photographer" betrachtet.

LARA WILDE zeigt in diesem acht minütigen Film in sehr einfühlsamen Bildern und einem sehr persönlichen Interview meine Arbeit an meinem Upcycling Fashion Project.

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Ihr war für mich sehr spannend und hat mich noch einmal tiefer in meine eigene Arbeit hineingeführt.

Viel Freude bei der Betrachtung.

Alexander Platz

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A controversial documentary photo

A controversial documentary photo - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Alex Coghe / 26.09.2021 17:31

Facebook censored thefirst picture you see because of the swastika tattoooed on the chest of the man.

But as a photojournalist I simply document and this doesn’t mean I agree with a certain ideology.

Yesterday I given to the man the print of the indicted image.

I am sure that here is a place where a photo like that can be understood and not censored.

A visit to Bryan Ferry in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

A visit to Bryan Ferry in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Hans-Martin Doelz / 19.04.2021 07:22

Bryan Ferry CBE (born September 26, 1945 in London) is an English singer and songwriter. In the early 1970s he became known as the lead singer and main songwriter for the glam rock band Roxy Music. Ferry’s musical career as a band member or solo artist now spans about half a century. In March 2019, Roxy Music was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where Ferry gave an acceptance speech on behalf of all Roxy Music members.

On this occasion, Ferry met two of his former bandmates from Roxy Music for the group’s first appearance in eight years as part of their induction into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. Ferry took the stage with multi-instrumentalist Andy Mackay and guitarist Phil Manzanera. They were complemented by musicians who have played with Ferry and Roxy Music over the years, including Chris Spedding, Neil Jason and Alfonso “Fonzi” Thornton.

The pictures shown here were taken in May 2019 when Ferry and his band performed in Hamburg / Germany in the Elbphilharmonie, a place with one of the most famous concert halls in the world, which is known for its excellent acoustics, among other things.

Besides the names mentioned above, it was especially Jorja Chalmers who impressed with her excellent saxophone playing.

Abbey Road Zebra Crossing

Abbey Road Zebra Crossing - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Hans-Martin Doelz / 13.04.2021 11:02

At around 11:00 a.m. on August 8, 1969, Scottish photographer Iain Macmillan climbed a stepladder in the middle of Abbey Road and took six photos of the Beatles as they crossed the street. Three times from left to right, three times from right to left. A police officer was hired to control the traffic. The Beatles usually came to Abbey Road Studios between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., so the earlier hour was chosen to avoid the presence of fans. One of the six frames, taken with a Hasselblad 500 C, became world famous as cover of the Beatles album Abbey Road.

50 years later, the zebra crossing in front of Abbey Road Studios is still a place of worship for countless London tourists and Beatles fans who like to be photographed when they try, more or less successfully, to cross the street, in a similar way the Beatles did in 1969. Nowadays most pictures are taken with smartphone cameras, as can be seen on the first image. The second picture shows an extremely good-humored young woman and a somewhat grumpy-looking older man on their way, while the third picture shows that the zebra crossing is also suitable for people without particular ambitions to cross the street.

A soldier’s view

A soldier's view - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Greggory Wood / 14.12.2020 04:14

My grandfather, Paul Cason, served in the United States Air Corps during the Second World War and was stationed in southern Italy during the Allied occupation. He was not a front-line solder: he was essentially given a welding torch and ordered to build things. But he brought along his camera and captured some of the most beautiful images. Before he died, I acquired his negative library which collected dust in his basement for several decades. I am finally getting around to properly archiving the negatives. While doing so, I have come across some wonderful photographs he took. Besides the number of photographs of the drudgery of the military, he captured images of the daily life of the citizens of Italy that remained in the southern part of the country during the Allied occupation. It has been pure joy to go through these negatives; I have no doubt of his talent and wish that I could have learned more from him while he was alive: not only his time in Europe, but of his photographic technique. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I have.