Dancer in Torino

Dancer in Torino - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Pedro El Bosque / 30.05.2022 22:28

I’ve known M. for a while and we finally got around to doing a shoot together in Torino. The decor was an AirBnb. We actually started shooting outside, but we were chased by a park guard who didn’t like cameras.

One of the most memorable shoots that year.

Canon EOS M200 for my Street Photography

Canon EOS M200 for my Street Photography - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Alex Coghe / 30.05.2022 17:22

The complete move to Canon for digital is now complete. And it is the Canon EOS M200 that goes with my two DSLRs.

A camera presented for creators, especially YouTubers but I see a lot of potential for street photography. In fact, due to the minimalist design of the body, squared and inconspicuous reminds me of Ricoh GR.

Currently I only have the 15-45mm kit lens which is not the best, but certainly better than the lenses they usually offer you when you buy the camera, but the next purchase will be the 22mm lens which is a 35.2mm equivalent. And that lens is essentially the main reason for my decision to get a Canon M, in fact the pancake lens of Canon DSLRs is the 24mm that is equivalent in FF to a 38.4mm.

I bet on this camera: I can’t wait to share with you the next photos!

such a thing of wonder

such a thing of wonder - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Andreas Puhl / 28.05.2022 18:07

a small excerpt from my first meeting with irina. by then i had already photographed several hundred models with more or less experience. some of them have left more than one lasting impression on me, many have been remembered very positively. but like irina, only one model has touched me in my entire time as a photographer.

music: jeff buckley, everybody here wants you