A Clockwork Moloko

A Clockwork Moloko - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Rob Linsalata / 12.08.2022 21:21

50 years ago, after first premiering in New York City and then releasing in the UK, Stanley Kubrick released his dystopian cinematic masterpiece, A Clockwork Orange to the world. Kubrick’s vivid visualization of the future captivated film critics and viewers alike instantaneously. He took the already powerful Anthony Burgess novel and, fueled with a riveting soundtrack by Wendy Carlos, electrified it in a way few imagined possible.

Vivid and electrifying, his vision of the future has shaped every aspect of culture to this day — despite eventually being banned in Britain and other countries — from cinema to music to fashion & design. It changed moviemaking almost overnight. And it’s impact on music, art and culture continue unabated today. Myriad musicians and bands drew their influences from the film, including the legendary David Bowie . The British synthpop band Heaven17 even got their name from the famous record store scene. But of all the riveting visual stylizations that Kubrick created for the screen, the most vivid for me even today is the Korova Milk Bar . The stark high-contrast pop modernism of this scene has been a powerful influence for me from the moment I saw the film. The Milk Bar Mannequins, the flowing psychedelic typography hyping the drug-infused Moloko, the wardrobe, and the lighting all conspired together to create one wild trippy experience.

So, viddy this well then, me brothers and sisters. I give you A Clockwork Moloko, my tribute to A Clockwork Orange and most especially the Korova Milk Bar…