A modern audioguide

A modern audioguide - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Ralf Scherer / 20.05.2020 04:06

I have been making permanent exhibitions with my photography for years now. Many people have passed by my pictures so far. They mostly hang in hospitals or public areas. 

The visitors try to read my pictures. But I am not sure if my message always gets through. I am also not always on site to answer questions. At least once during an exhibition I offer a guided tour. People can ask me about the pictures and I tell them the story of how they came into being.

The story behind the photos is told by the artist himself.

This picture here is a good example that raises many questions. With this photo I am almost always asked if the scene is set. I had now developed the idea to stick a QR code next to the pictures. You can scan it with your smartphone and it will lead to an audio file. There you hear the artist himself telling the story about the picture. A modern audio guide. Currently I show the photos in two exhibitions. In the Marien-Hospital Witten (ground floor vascular surgery/cardiology) and in the Johannes Hospital Dortmund (central emergency room)

Here is a sound file example