Orchestral Divination

Orchestral Divination - Blog-Beitrag von Model Carla M / 14.09.2019 23:24

"Orchestral divination is the tale of a journey, an endless search between light and darkness.The fallen one, has always searched the earth for more meaning. And light gives meaning to all… He finally found it, in a form not much unlike his own, so he tried to capture it. But the light had other plans. At first he seemed unaffected, but slowly, his dark side receded, giving into the light. She stayed close to him, watching, waiting for a sign… Between fire and dark omens, the journey is rough, always testing and stretching the soul. Maybe he will ride this line forever… Only time will tell."

Photography & creative ©️ Moga Alexandru. This is probably the best series I did so far with my husband Mihai Eduard Daniel.