About my Gonzography and some shots made in Ostia, Rome

About my Gonzography and some shots made in Ostia, Rome - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Alex Coghe / 09.07.2021 14:31

Many people feel comfortable with the order and the beauty.

This influences their vision and prefers it when they observe. I can feel this sense of order in open contrast with the unpredictability, tension and chaos in the world. My work is an examination of the different forms of how the human animal adapts and shows its different faces in the world.

Without filters. Raw. Straight.

I enjoy to photograph moments where you can feel there is a particular kind of tension. It doesn’t really matter if I am on a street or in a little room. I am influenced both the relative quiet that the mathematics of chaos.

Essentially, I want to celebrate the human. I want to show the deep and indissoluble dichotomy between the eccentric and the ordinary. Photography and writing are always an interpretation of reality. In my photography there is a lot of emphasis on interpretation, because I always believed in this continuous relationship between the external reality and what is my feeling when I work both as a photographer and as a writer.

The space for interpretation is always present when I make a photograph. For this reason I think any photograph is a document of what happened in front of my eyes but also a  witness of what it was my mindset at the moment to press the shutter button. A photograph is a revealing action, of the situation represented and also portrait of myself. 

I borrowed the Hunter S. Thompson concept of Gonzo Journalism, and I speak of Gonzo Photography. I immerse myself in the situation, I enter it really, I put myself at stake, I take my own risks.

The photos you can see here are a reflection of my approach. I realized these photos in Ostia, I would say a barrio in Ostia, that is not completely safe to photograph there but I did it. Because I am a photographer working in Mexico in popular neighborhoods everyday.

I can remember how someone said me that I could’t reply the same approach in Italy…as if photographing in Mexico was easier …

In these images there is interaction and there is not. I don’t use just an approach and anything depends by the situation. To the end of the game to me is just about photographing life. Just like it is.

I hope you enjoy.