Kim – An Interesting Day Indeed

Kim – An Interesting Day Indeed - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Gutenbild / 09.10.2020 18:10

I had been following Kim’s Instagram for quite a while and always liked her slightly chaotic feed a lot. I had contacted her mid 2019 for the first time and also asked about the prospect of a shooting with her. We exchanged a few friendly lines but she never really answered my request for taking photos together.

Then in February I unexpectedly received a message from Kim. She had completely overlooked my text about the photoshoot and apologised sincerely. She said she really liked my photos and would love to work with me.

< insert pandemic here >

We finally met on the 14th of September. I parked my car in front of the terraced house at Kim’s address. I grabbed my camera bag – just in case – and walked up to the front door. *rrrrrrng*

It didn’t take long before Kim opened the door. I had already expected a flamboyant personality, nonetheless it took me a second to take it all in: Dark red lipstick, piercings, bright aquamarine coloured fringe with colourful dreads hanging over her left shoulder and a sidecut on the other side. She wore a kind of hoody that was so short it showed her pale flat belly. Around her hips she sported a black frilly tutu. I was greeted happily.

Kim led me to her flat. I instantly noticed that her Instagram wasn’t the only thing in her life that was slightly chaotic. I took off my shoes in the hallway, dropped them on a heap together with the other shoes and started collecting dog hair with my socks while following Kim to her living room.

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