5 снов (rus.)

5 снов (rus.) - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf DEWFRAME / 18.05.2021 02:02

Sensitive people are granted to hear silence. It is only occasionally broken by a crunch in the distance: the music of the busting branches. Sensitive people can see the forest behind the trees, and the world of living secrets of ancient beliefs…

Freedom is not absolute as long as it is determined by comparison. Leaving the shelter just in time, spring fairies are waiting too. A real kaleidoscope of feelings and flowering, hurricanes and rains. All of it also raging in front of them, and last year’s foliage serves as a reminder. The fairy creates and transforms, a simple sequence of changes has become diverse thanks to her magic. The girl saw in her dreams the most secret of secrets: she will step forward, and the whole continent will respond. She saved the emerald talisman and will not wait now. There is no word for it in human language. Something in the sum of metaphysical interpretations: one love and hope, multiplied by inspiration. The direction where they looked, to whom they promised. That’s where the light is.

Air! Here memory is in glare surfaces. The vessel is original. the magic of the mystery of the forest has been preserved in it, with this a new cycle began. And all that is known about its creation is that the ancient author melted five crystals and blown the first glass. In its original state, it was completely transparent. Having forgotten a dream, you will return to a place from childhood, where simple trees were gaining energy in a mirrored jug. The elders asked for strength, raising their heads to the crowns. And you guessed… and gently stepped to where closer to the roots.

The paths and edges alternate fancifully in a pattern, where a fern growing separately from other grasses is collected. The strongest conspiracies and the easiest harmony. The kind when you breathe happily after a long run. Run through a dream, slipping into the endless intrigue of the subconscious. And by the time reality connects them. This is correct for the mystery. Warmth on the leaves, every blade of grass knows its name.

So an attentive listener immediately understands that the disturbing thoughts of fairies are hidden behind the words about interconnectedness and harmony. Who can, who will be in time.