A Street Photography vision

A Street Photography vision - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Alex Coghe / 27.07.2021 17:11

I always considered Street Photography more a way of seeing and a different approach and way of living photography than a genre.

With this in mind I can achieve pictures with a street photography heart also in photos that apparently can’t be framed in the genre.

Just outside the house I take two simple shots: the ones you can see in this post.

Photographing the nothing that has any meaning is what attracts me and at the same time intrigues me. What prompted me to draw attention to a certain scene? What is the reason why, as photographers, we are induced to take, even improbable things or photos, in fact, that show a motionless situation? Where does the concept of a photograph and subsequently of a series originate?

I think a lot on an ontological level about what I do. I think that each of us, as photographers, are intrigued by some things that we feel compelled to take a picture of. I think it is something absolutely personal and that pushes us to a different exaltation than the more formal photos that maybe we do on assignment or with a very specific project in mind.

Yet I think it is precisely the exaltation in the face of an erratic experience is the precious moment, a revelatory act of who I am as a photographer. That gift that pushes me to get close to something that I can’t get it completely but I want to photograph. And it’s like a great child experience.