Analog studio portraits

Analog studio portraits - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Carsten Domnick / 03.03.2021 09:59


after a few years of absence I returned to analog photography a while ago. This was not a technical decision (I do not believe in any competition between digital and analog photography), but more an emotional one. I do like that I have to focus on preparing and I do not get an immediate feedback (but I do use a DSLR for the first few shots to confirm my exposure metering etc.).

The photos posted here today were all taken on 35mm-film, partly with studio flash light on Ilford FP4 and partly with constant lights on Ilford HP5. All films were develoed in HC-110 and scanned. In my hybrid process I did some minor adjustments in Lightroom (contrast, b/w, dust removal), but no retouching.

Regards and all the best,