interrogation (poem)

interrogation (poem) - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Keith Brighouse / 03.03.2024 22:10

These shots were made for a photo/poetry zine I am putting together. I have been dealing with the artistic issues of having the two art forms working together for quite some time. On this occasion I have been influenced by emblemata books where images and text deal with the same theme in parallel. The images don't illustrate the text nor do the text describe the images, each independently are of the same subject. When I met Becca, she quickly convinced me she was the right model for this project.

I wanted to arrest you, take you to bed

for questioning, frisk you, be liberal

about your person, put my head in yours

look around the attic room of your imagination

what memories you had stored, what secrets

to run my fingers across your lips, feel

the shape of words formed on your tongue

which divulgence would skin my heart

leave it raw, my syrup blood, streamed in tears

red upon your lips, this is my confession

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