A Dream Model

A Dream Model - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf GaryMPhoto / 20.05.2019 00:20

A favorite model I’ve worked with sometimes goes by Dream… she found me on social media and was ready to dive into the deep end on our first shoot. We went to a favorite derelict urbex spot in the heart of downtown, and she fearlessly launched into posing nude, having only modeled a time or two before. She took direction well, but was also excellent at moving and improvising her flow. In subsequent studio sessions, she did equally well, working with light and space, and creating beautiful forms.

I also like to "work a shot" sometimes and have the model hold a pose for a while as I try different camera positions, lenses, lighting, settings, and ideas, and Dream would hold her pose, and take direction for fine-tuning without breaking the overall pose.

Always a great attitude, funny and lively, but took the work seriously… a dream subject.

Sadly, she moved a few states away, so we haven’t had the chance to work together much recently, but I’m hoping to rectify that this summer. Thanks Dream!