Hidden Faces

Hidden Faces - Blog-Beitrag von Fotografin Astrid Susanna Schulz / 05.05.2019 19:49

The series "Hidden Faces" was inspired by my own (hobby-)model time. At that time (2012) it was very important to me to protect my identity when taking nudes. The world is becoming more convervative, images are spreading very quickly on the Internet. Nudity or Fine Art Nude Photography is not always considered art, but shameless or worse. Professional or private disadvantages can arise for people. That is why it is important to me to protect the identity of my models, especially because they are normal people and not professional nude models. As a photographer I approached nude photography in a playful way and used various "objects" to hide faces. Anonymous nude has a special appeal for me, because it is challenging to stage the naked person without revealing his oder her face.