Corona brought me to shooting selfs

Corona brought me to shooting selfs - Blog-Beitrag von Model Sebastian Löwe / 13.08.2020 11:46

When the Corona crisis hit Germany I was "in between flats".

Knowing when I needed to leave my current on, not having found a new one yet.

And when shit hits the fan it is great to have parents. So I moved to my parents for an undefined period of time.

Nice house, small town, no friends and the high discouragement to make new ones.

So what to do to keep me busy. Besides working, watching Netflix and spend time with my parents.

As I missed shootings quite much I eventually started doing selfies.

Since then, I am a bit hooked by it. Learning how to take photos and that with the easiest available model. Fortunately I am always around.

Now on my mission to get a proper camera as my phones images are nice – but just if I don’t want to crop or doing anything else with the pictures than putting them on instagram.